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History of Golden Sun Lodge

The history of the Golden Sun Lodge begins in 1923 with an organization that truly had its roots in the Order of the Arrow. Legend has it that, "On a summer's evening at Camp Quivera near Louisville, Nebraska, during the summer of 1923, a scout came stumbling into the headquarters tent of the great chief. He had traveled far and he carried with him what appeared to be the torn shreds of a ritual. He unfolded the worn and dirty scraps before the chief. They divulged some of the secret and inside information concerning an organization of braves back in Pennsylvania. And from these shreds was born the Order of the Golden Suns of the Tribe of the Quivera."


The Order of the Golden Suns of the Tribe of the Quivera continued until 1953. It was then decided, after three ballots at three different events, that it was time to join the nationally recognized organization of the Boy Scouts, the Order of the Arrow. At this time, the three tribes at Lincoln, Grand Island and North Platte became the Golden Sun Lodge 492.

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