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Medicine Pouch

The medicine pouch has always been used by Golden Sun Lodge members and is one of our oldest and most meaningful traditions. The pouch we have dates back to 1923, when the Order of the Golden Suns was founded. This pouch is one of the least understood items in the lodge. This article has been compiled to share with you the knowledge and traditions of the medicine pouch.


Obviously, our pouch means many things. Each and every part has some special significance. You are urged to wear your pouch as much as possible. It represents a truly great achievement on your part and it is an honor to wear. It should be noted, that some lodges do use claws on a lanyard. They mean about the same as our claws do. Only the Golden Sun Lodge used the medicine pouch at the time of the 1958 National Conference. Our pouch drew much favorable comment at the event and is a unique item combining so much history and tradition. 

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