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Annual Dues

Retain your membership in the Golden Sun Lodge and the OA by paying your annual dues. You can pay either online by clicking on the "Pay Dues Online" button to the right or by paying at the Outdoor Education Center.

How much are dues?

Dues are $20 a year.

When do my dues expire?

Our dues period is from Jan 1-Dec 31.  If you under went your Ordeal at the Spring Event, your dues will expire at the end of the year. If your Ordeal was at the Fall Pow Wow your dues will expire at the end of the following year.

What if I haven't paid my dues in a few years?

No problem. We do not collect any back dues. Just pay your current OA dues and your membership is considered active.

What do I get for paying my dues?

Paying your dues allows you to wear our Lodge flap on your uniform to show your membership.  You also are able to attend a number of fantastic Order of the Arrow events such as Conclaves, Fall Pow-Wow, Spring and Winter Events, and much more!  You will also receive a copy of the Sundial, the lodge's newsletter.

What do my dues go towards?

We understand, you pay dues for all sorts of activities. We want to make sure you know your dues are going to good use. The Lodge Executive Committee approves a budget where each committee and chapter get portions of the budget to operate. Portions of your dues will go towards the Sundial and communications with the troop within the Council. Some money will go towards inductions and programming to ensure that we have quality events, and some will go towards service projects giving back towards the council and community. ​​We strive to use our budget in a way that best uses your dues to provide you with the best possible events and opportunities.

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